Creative Adventures Music is an independent music school located in downtown Noblesville that promotes a love of music to students of all ages within the local community. Our mission is to give anyone the access and ability to create music in a hands-on, fun, and collaborative learning environment.

We nurture life-long skills through individualized and groups lessons, so students can learn to think critically and independently. Recognizing the unique learning style of every individual, we are committed to tailoring a well-rounded program presented in a positive and supportive environment in both curriculum and performance opportunities.
Our Values

Together, we'll establish the best way for each student to learn, because we celebrate the unique learning style of every individual.

Students are intentionally included and encouraged to build an inclusive and comprehensive network within the music school.

Our studio is filled with enjoyable ways to learn to help students commit to a lifelong dedication to music.

The variety of learning tools and techniques used during the lessons keep the students engaged and excited about learning and even practicing at home.
Our approach

In addition to using static method music books, students are taught a concept in a variety of ways.

Students hear music containing the concept we are teaching.

Students experience the concept we are teaching.

Students see the concept on sheet music.

Students identify the concept with correct music vocabulary.
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