Ms Jonelle, owner

I'm a creative, my dreams are big, and I swing back and forth between an ENTP and ENFP.

I enjoy exploring new places, playing Mario Kart with my son, and eating Breyers peanut butter chocolate ice cream. You'll find me with a chai almost anytime of the day. I love to create, and I love to help people reach their goals.
My love for music combined with teaching experience in early childhood education and special education set me up for success to be a rockstar teacher. I have been teaching piano since 2009. I have toured with bands throughout the United States, Australia, and India and have taught music clinics both in the states and abroad. And, if you even need a kickboxing instructor, I'm your girl!

Ms Alli, teacher

I’m a designer, I’m a creator, and I can slay a crossword puzzle. Halloween and spooky things are my jam. My goofy kids keep me on my toes, and when I’m not hanging out with them, I enjoy designing and sewing clothes.

I started playing piano when I was five years old and have several years of teaching experience in other studios. Singing is also a passion of mine, so don’t be surprised when we bust out in song during a lesson. No matter how my students enter our studio, I want them to leave with a feeling of “I can do this!”. That’s a win in my book!

And, if you happen to be going to a Marvel or Harry Potter trivia night - count me in!
Even more, though, than our qualifications and hobbies,
we LOVE inspiring people on their own musical journey.

Let us be 100% honest with you:
We're not into all the exams and competitions. It doesn't mean that we won't do them, but we don't measure our students' success by competition performances. We know we are doing our job if our students are making progress and want to come back to lessons.

...when a mom confesses she can't get Old Mac Donald out of their head because her daughter practiced it non-stop all week.
...the little "chair dance wiggle" of joy after conquering a fun song like Wreck It Ralph or Let It Go.
...the smile from stage while playing in a band with friends.
↑ That's it. ↑
That's our goal.
We want our students to love and enjoy making music as much as we do.

Are you ready ignite your lifelong love of music? We'd love to talk more!
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