what do we need to get started?

• A piano or keyboard for home practice. We would love for everyone to have an 88 weighted key acoustic piano or keyboard. We also know that might not be practical for beginner students "testing the waters" of the world of piano. Many of our beginner students start out with something smaller and/or borrowed and upgrade as their skills develop. We are happy to help with recommendations.

• A willingness to learn and an excitement to create. We will have fun together!
How much practice is necessary?

This depends on the level and age of the student, and how fast they want to progress. The most important thing is that practice happens (almost) every day and that weekly assignments are completed. That said, here is a rough suggestion:

• Young students and beginners: 10-20 minutes a day
• Elementary students: 20-30 minutes a day
• Intermediate students: 30-45 minutes a day
• Advanced students: 45-60 minutes a day
Another handy guideline is that students should practice for three times their age. So a 5 year old would practice for 15 minutes and a 10 year old would practice for 30 minutes a day.
what does my tuition include?

• Student's weekly lesson time slot

• All books and music needed for lesson and practice

• Access to lending library of manipulative theory materials and games

• Home access to the Tonara practice app and Piano Maestro App

• Insurances, licenses, and professional studio expenses
Tuition fees vary with lesson format.
Click here to view this year's tuition fees, studio policies, and studio calendar.
do you offer make-up lessons?

We offer several flex week opportunities throughout the year for proactive and retroactive absences.
What teaching method do you follow?

We nurture life-long skills through individualized and groups lessons, so students can learn to think critically and independently. Recognizing the unique learning style of every individual, we are committed to tailoring a well-rounded program presented in a positive and supportive environment in both curriculum and performance opportunities.

Our most popular method books used are Piano Safari, Supersonics, Wunderkeys, and Piano Pronto.
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